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Cancer Council Western Australia (ABN 15 190 821 561) is the leading cancer charity in WA and has a proud history of advocacy and action on cancer issues.

For more information about Cancer Council WA, please see:

  • Contact Us - for our contact details in Perth and rural WA.
  • Career opportunities - including volunteering and student placements.
  • Vision, Mission and Values - including why we have adopted the daffodil as our symbol.
  • Funding - find out about how, as a non-profit organisation we rely on community donations.
  • Services - find out about the diverse range of services we offer to cancer patients, carers, health professionals, researchers, students and members of the public.
  • Media Releases - to read our media releases and find links to our media campaigns.
  • Annual Reviews - to read our Annual Reviews and Annual Financial Statements.
  • History - find out about our extensive history of providing cancer related services and advocacy since the 1950's.

Cancer Council WA's role in cancer research

Watch the video below to see how first class, independent cancer research is funded and facilitated by Cancer Council WA. Includes interviews with :

  • Professor Ruth Ganss, WA Institute of Medical Research, inaugural Cancer Council WA Research Fellow
  • Professor Peter Howat, Chair, Behavioural Research in Cancer Control
  • Professor Lin Fritschi, Chair, Cancer Council WA Research Committee



Cancer Council WA's role in challenging cancer

See how Cancer Council WA is challenging cancer by providing cancer information and support services, funding cancer research and so much more.



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