What is a standard drink?

In Australia, one standard drink is any drink containing 10 grams of alcohol. All bottles, cans and casks containing alcoholic drinks are required by law to state on the label the approximate number of standard drinks they contain.

However in real life situations it can be difficult to estimate the number of standard drinks you are having, because:

  • Glass sizes vary
  • People sometimes share larger containers (such as bottles, jugs, casks or flagons)
  • Glasses are topped up by another person
  • The amount of alcohol in mixed drinks (including cocktails and punch) is sometimes unknown

One standard alcoholic drink is equal to:

  • One 375ml can or stubbie of mid-strength beer
  • 100ml wine (13.5% alcohol)
  • 30ml nip spirits
  • One 250ml can of full strength pre-mix spirits (5% alcohol)

It is important to remember that alcoholic beverages are often sold in containers which hold more than one standard drink; for example a 375ml stubbie or can of full-strength beer (4.8% alcohol volume) is equal to 1.4 standard alcoholic drinks, and a 375ml can of pre-mixed spirits (5% alcohol volume) provides 1.5 standard drinks.

For more information on standard alcoholic drinks.  To view pictures of standard drink sizes. (pdf, 255kb).

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