Alcohol - where to go for more information

A number of organisations are working to educate the community about the short term and long term effects of alcohol. To find out more about some of the different programs available in Western Australia and throughout the rest of the country choose from the links below:

Western Australian Campaigns

The Alcohol. Think Again Campaign aims to decrease alcohol-related harm by reducing short-term and long-term harmful drinking. The campaign is an initiative of the Government of WA's Drug and Alcohol Office (DAO). 

Western Australian organisations

  • The Government of WA's Drug and Alcohol Office (DAO) is the government agency responsible for drug and alcohol strategies and services in Western Australia. DAO provides or contracts a statewide network of treatment services, a range of prevention programs, professional education and training and research activities.

National organisations, websites and documents

  • The Australian Government's website on alcohol provides information about alcohol-related health issues and Australian Government policy including Australia's National Alcohol Strategy, the Australian Alcohol Guidelines, treatment guidelines, alcohol resources and publications, community initiatives and secondary supply of alcohol.
  • The Australian Government's Department of Veterans' Affairs website 'The Right Mix' provides interactive tools to help people calculate their alcohol intake, assess their drinking, and recognise a standard drink.  It is important to note that the website is aimed at encouraging 'low risk' drinking, however regularly drinking alcohol at 'low risk' levels can increase cancer risk.
  • The Heart Foundation aims to save lives and improve health through funding cardiovascular research, providing guidelines for health professionals, informing the public and assisting people with cardiovascular disease.
  • The Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides drug and alcohol information, undertakes community development work through its Good Sports Alcohol Accreditation Program and researches issues relating to young people and alcohol through its Centre for Youth Drug Studies. The ADF provides leadership and support to those who wish to advocate for better public health policy and strategies through its Community Alcohol Action Network.

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