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February 2018 - Headlines of Hope

In this issue:

  • We celebrate 60 years!
  • Visit our Cancer Council WA Roadshow
  • Every minute, every hour, every day since 1958 - Timeline
  • 3 tips to detox your life this new year
  • Lunch club a celebration of Life Now



November 2017 - Introducing Headlines of Hope! 

In this issue:

  • Think UV, not heat
  • Get your summer essentials at our shop!
  • Crawford and Milroy Lodge renovations to accommodate more patients
  • Shea and Katrina's special gift
  • Thank you for helping make Daffodil Day a success
  • How well do you know your sunscreen? 

Download November 2017 Headlines of Hope (pdf, 4683kb)

August 2017 - Lifelines

In this issue:

  • Meet our new CEO, Ashley Reid
  • $4m funding injection for WA cancer researchers
  • Dot's Place Peel Cancer Support Centre in Mandurah opens
  • From Every Quitter campaign
  • Beat poo phobia and 'Stick it to number 2'
  • Connection marked a turning point for cancer patient
  • We welcome WA's 400th Crunch&Sip School!
  • Meet our Run for a Reason Ambassador, Peter

Download August 2017 Lifelines (pdf, 5493kb)


February 2017 - Lifelines

In this issue:

  • United Against Cancer
  • Healthy Living After Cancer
  • Reducing Aboriginal Cancer Deaths
  • Milroy Lodge Makes The World Of Difference
  • Celebrating 2016

Download February 2016 Lifelines (pdf, 3074kb)



August 2016 - Lifelines

In this issue: 

  • World Cancer Day
  • For someone I know - an exciting new initiative for Daffodil Day 
  • Celebrating the recipients of our 2016 Research Awards
  • Biggest Morning Tea - how the community raised a cup for a cause
  • Honouring our volunteers for National Volunteers Week
  • Our first ever Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery!

Download August 2016 Lifelines (pdf, 5493kb)


February 2016 - Lifelines

In this issue:

  • New transport service
  • Lodge additions 
  • Free exercise helps 
  • UV meters in action 
  • Celebrating 2015

Download February 2016 Lifelines (pdf, 2389kb)













November 2015 - Lifelines

In this issue:

  • Daffodil Day
  • Mt Tarcoola is now cooler
  • Dig Deep campaign 
  • Distress screening 
Download November 2015 Lifelines (pdf, 2171kb)

August 2015 - Lifelines

In this issue:

  • National Volunteer Week 
  • Daffodil Day 
  • Australia's Biggest Morning Tea 
  • WA's Brightest Research Stars
Download August 2015 Lifelines (pdf, 1286kb)


February 2015 - Lifelines

In this issue:

  • Lights, Camera, Action - Crawford Lodge theatre room opens!
  • Mission Possible 
  • Crawford Lodge Freshened Up 
  • Breakthrough Giving Program 
Download February 2015 Lifelines (pdf, 3324kb)