Our history

Cancer Council Western Australia was established in 1958 by a committed group of individuals who saw the need to coordinate cancer detection and treatment, stimulate cancer research and provide support to those affected by cancer.

While many other cancer groups have since formed in WA, we have endured as Western Australia's leading independent cancer organisation.

We've come a long way since our humble beginnings in 1958 and we owe that to the generosity and unwavering support of the WA community.

60 years ago, the chance of surviving a cancer diagnosis was around 30 to 40 per cent.

Today, survival rates for the most common cancers are more than 90 per cent, and the overall five-year survival rate for those diagnosed with cancer is around 60 per cent.

With the support of the WA community, we will continue to work tirelessly to get closer to a cancer free future.