Vision, mission and values

Our vision

  • Achieve a cancer-free future for our community.

Our mission

  • Cancer Council Western Australia works with our community to reduce the incidence and the impact of cancer.

Our values

  • Making a real difference

We seek to have a major positive impact on the lives of all West Australians. We never stop seeking to improve and innovate what we do and are prepared to take risks to achieve breakthrough results.

We do this by living the following values:

  • Integrity

We have high standards and we do what we say we will do. We are transparent and consistent in the way we work and relate.

  • Informed

We always seek the most solid foundation of evidence available in every practice we embrace.

  • Care

We are passionate about our mission and deeply value our community and each other. We show empathy for those we are here to serve, respect and value our staff and volunteers and do everything we do with great care.

  • Collaboration

We actively engage with others and each other to achieve our shared objectives. We create inclusive and empowering connections with and between our stakeholders to build the capacity we need to bring about great change.

Why daffodils?

You may have noticed that this website and many publications, merchandise, banners etc to do with the Cancer Council WA have the daffodil somewhere in their design.

So why have we chosen the daffodil?

The daffodil has been recognised internationally as the symbol of hope for people in our community touched by cancer either directly or indirectly.

The daffodil heralds spring, the season of hope and the new life it brings. It also reminds us that there is life after a diagnosis of cancer. The daffodil is also the basis of one of the major events on the fundraising calendar, Daffodil Day.

Our role in cancer research

Watch the video below to see how first class, independent cancer research is funded and facilitated by our Research Funding Program. The video includes interviews with :

  • Professor Ruth Ganss, WA Institute of Medical Research, inaugural Cancer Council WA Research Fellow
  • Professor Peter Howat, Chair, Behavioural Research in Cancer Control
  • Professor Lin Fritschi, Chair, Cancer Council WA Research Committee



Our role in challenging cancer

See how we are challenging cancer by providing cancer information and support services, funding cancer research, running prevention programs and so much more in the video below.