Cancer Council WA Library services

  • Cancer Council WA library services provide a gateway to information about cancer and related issues from Australia and around the world.
  • Health professionals, consumers and members of the public are welcome to access these services.
  • Library services are located at Shenton Park and Nedlands.

Shenton Park Library Services

  • The main library is located on the first floor, Milroy Lodge, Shenton Park.
  • It holds resources that are most useful to public health practitioners and health promotion students from tertiary institutions.
  • There is also a small specialist nursing and palliative care library, relevant to nursing students and people attending courses run by the onsite Professional Development Centre.
  • Catalogue search and photocopying facilities are available.
  • Limited loans are available to authorised borrowers.
  • To use this library, please contact us.

Patients Library Services

  • This library is located at the Cancer Council Crawford Lodge, Nedlands.
  • It is a small collection of resources for cancer patients, their families and friends, which consists of cancer and health-related books, videos and tapes.
  • This material is available for loan.
  • Internet access is also available with searching guidance to reliable cancer websites. The library is open from 8am-6pm weekdays and from 8am-12noon Saturday and Sunday.

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