A New Year's Resolution that makes FOODcents®

As you wake up to a new year and the annual list of resolutions that usually comes with it, why not aim to take control of your finances.

With the cost of living increasing, it’s getting harder to stick to a budget and save money, be it for bills, something special or just for a rainy day.

Throw the rapidly growing grocery bill into the mix and finances can become stretched, so Cancer Council WA has come up with some tips to help plan and spend less while eating better.

Cancer Council WA’s Nutrition Literacy Coordinator, Sarah Bailiff, said FOODcents® has some smart ideas on spending money on food to balance your diet and your budget.

“The most important thing to remember is to shop according to the food pyramid,” Ms Bailiff said.

“Spend most of your food money on the foods we should eat most of – fruits, vegetables, breads and cereals. Not only are they nutritious, they are cheaper per kilo than other foods, GST free and are the stapled for cooking at home.”

The FOODcents website http://www.foodcentsprogram.com.au has a food group expenditure calculator.

Ms Bailiff said simply keep all your shopping receipts for the week, enter them in and it will calculate how much you spent on each group and how much you should aim to spend for a balanced diet.

“For example, meat has a reputation for being expensive, but we often eat larger serves more often than what we really need, so why not try reducing the portions and try one night a week meat free,” she said.

“Another good tip is to limit fast food and meals purchased away from home. You could save $1000 a year just by replacing a chicken meal from a fast food outlet for a family of four with a chicken stir-fry once a week.”

“This is a win-win.  With just a little planning, both your diet and your budget will improve,” she said.

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