Cancer Council call for volunteers to join complementary therapy team

February 18, 2014

Residents of the Midland and Hills region are reminded that Cancer Council WA has an extensive array of support services that provide invaluable support to anyone affected by cancer.

Cancer Support Coordinator for this region Melanie Taylor, who is based in Midland, can recommend the most appropriate service, from practical to emotional assistance, to match an individual’s needs.

“Ultimately my job is to reduce the impact of cancer by helping you to navigate your way through, what can be an overwhelming experience following a cancer diagnosis,” said Ms Taylor.

Cancer Council is also looking for volunteers to help expand its complementary therapy program.

Complementary therapies, which are not only beneficial to patients but also for carers, do not aim to cure a person’s illness but rather are used to complement mainstream treatment or care.

Melanie said volunteering for this program would be an excellent way for someone with the right experience and qualifications and some free time to get involved in a very worthwhile cause.

Melanie is now looking for a complementary therapist qualified in areas such as reflexology and hand and foot massage.

These therapies are an effective way for cancer patients and their carers to relax and have some much needed time out.

“We’d love to hear from anyone interested in joining our team..

“Without volunteer support, Cancer Council would be unable to deliver these services, so we are very grateful to our wonderful volunteers…...they truly make a difference in the lives of people living with cancer,” Melanie said.

Anyone interested in volunteering, or using this service, should contact Melanie Taylor on 9274 4748 for more information.

Cancer Council is your compass through cancer. Find out more from the Cancer Council Helpline on 13 11 20 or visit

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