Progress made as cancer death rates projected to decrease

Posted 23 Jul 2015.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Cancer Council Western Australia says it is encouraging to see projections by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) that show the current downward trend in cancer deaths looks set to continue.

A new AIHW report, Cancer mortality trends and projections: 2013 to 2025, shows that the cancer death rate from all cancers combined will continue to decrease over the next decade from an estimated 214 to 183 deaths per 100,000 males, and from 135 to 120 deaths per 100,000 females.

Cancer Council WA Director of Education and Research, Terry Slevin, said the report demonstrates we are making progress. 

“It is not as fast as any of us would like - but there are clear signs of making inroads on cancer,” Mr Slevin said.

Mr Slevin said there are a number of reasons progress is being made.

“It is the combined effect of improvements in prevention, particularly progress on reducing smoking, increasing success on cervical cancer, and early signs of success on skin cancer prevention.

“Early detection is also helping, with screening for breast, cervix, and bowel cancer making a difference, and treatment advances have led to better results in a range of childhood cancers, testicular cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer,” Mr Slevin said.

He said more effort is essential to continue these trends.

“Everyone knows tackling cancer was never going to be quick or easy, however this does give us heart that we are making headway, led by sound systematic research and implementation of the knowledge coming from that research effort,” Mr Slevin said.

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