For Jenny, our CCWA bus is so much more than a transport service

Posted 21 Dec 2016.

Jenny with volunteer driver, Mick Eckworth​


Golden Bay resident, Jenny Ballard is full of praise for our transport to treatment service from Rockingham.

Jenny decided to make contact with us soon after being diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year because she wanted to ensure she had some ‘back up’ in place when she needed support. Her proactive approach was prompted by a previous experience of cancer having lost her husband to a brain tumour five years earlier.

One of the support services Jenny signed up for was our bus service which transports patients from Mandurah and Rockingham to Fiona Stanley Hospital to attend treatment and medical appointments.

“This service was a godsend and I found this was so much more than a bus service,” said Jenny.

“Apart from taking the expense and stress away of driving to and from the hospital, those of us on the bus became a great support to each other along the way.”

Jenny said the volunteer drivers were fantastic and the fact that appointments were coordinated with staff at Fiona Stanley Hospital to limit the wait time for patients was an added bonus.

Our Cancer Support Coordinator for the Rockingham area, Melanie Taylor said the transport service which uses vans funded by Dry July has proven to be enormously beneficial to patients and also to carers because it frees up time they would otherwise be spending driving to and from treatment.

Jenny, who has also accessed our complementary therapy program including massage and reflexology, is keen to raise awareness about this service because she said she’s met many other cancer patients from the area who did not know it existed.

“It’s these small services the Cancer Council delivers that collectively make a big difference when you go through cancer treatment and I am forever grateful to the Cancer Council donors and supporters who make it all possible.”


To find out more about our wide range of support services for all West Aussies affected by cancer, contact us on 13 11 20.  You can find out more about the cancer support available in your region, here. 

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