Get to know our services - Tai Chi

Posted 17 May 2016.


To help you become more familiar with the services we provide, we're starting a weekly 'getting to know our services' series. This week, we're talking Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a program provided under our suite of Life Now programs for cancer patients and carers.

Tai Chi is traditional Chinese medicine that combines movement, breathing techniques and meditation. Studies have shown that it improves quality of life, balance, agility, flexibility and muscle tone in cancer survivors. It can also help reduce stress. Movements create stability in the body, reflecting an ancient Chinese concept of balance known as Yin and Yang.

Tai Chi is offered as part of the Life Now program because the breathing work is calming and meditative, while creating and holding the poses helps to loosen and strengthen the muscles.

Classes usually begin with warm-up exercises, participants are then shown different moves and assisted to perform them.

The movements are simple to start with, becoming progressively harder, with many parts of the body needing to move to achieve the pose. Classes end with cooling down and relaxation.

If you'd like to find out more about our Life Now program and Tai Chi, click here to visit our Life Now meditiation page.


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