Getting to know our services - communications training

Posted 9 Jun 2016.

To help you become more familiar with the services we provide, we have introduced a weekly 'getting to know our services' series.  This week we're talking communications training for health professionals.

In partnership with Cancer Council Victoria, our Palliative and Supportive Care Education (PaSCE) team has been delivering the Cancer Clinicians Communication Course (CCCP) for West Australian cancer and palliative care health professionals.  This interactive, experimental, simulation patient based communication course is delivered by trained facilitators and our expert mentor, Palliative Care Consultant, Dr Derek Eng.

Participants have the opportunity to try different communication strategies in a safe environment to hopefully translate into practice in their workplaces.  To date PaSCE has run 27 workshops and trained 207 health professionals.  The initial workshop for 2016-17, Eliciting and Responding to Emotional Cues will be followed by Breaking Bad News and Talking About Dying.

Cancer health professionals acknowledge that insufficient training in communication and management skills is a major factor contributing to their stress, lack of job satisfaction and emotional burnout.  Unfortunately, few have received adequate formal education in communication skills using methods that are likely to promote change, confidence and competence.

By implementing and delivering this cancer and palliative care based communication course, we aim to meet the identified communication training needs of health care professionals in WA.  Cancer Council Victoria has demonstrated over the last decade that they have been able to deliver a sustainable health professionals communication course under a Cancer Council structure.  The unique partnership is proving to be beneficial to both organisations and we hope this partnership enables CCCP to continue to be a sustainable preferred course for clinicians in the future. 

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