Getting to know our services - dietetics consultations

Posted 23 May 2016.


Cancer patients who ring 13 11 20 seeking information about appropriate diet before, during and after treatment - along with how to manage side effects of treatment are assessed by our cancer care nurses and provided with general information.

Callers who are assessed as having significant weight loss or more significant nutrition issues (as a result of treatment during the first year post diagnosis) can be referred on to the dietitians in our Education and Research department for specialist advice.

Our dieticians also provide our 13 11 20 Cancer Nurses with fact sheets, guidelines and up-to-date information to help in responding to enquiries.


Benefits of eating well

Eating well is important for everyone but especially for those who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Good nutrition can

  • Help you cope better with treatment side effects and recover sooner.
  • Help wounds and damaged tissue heal better - this is important before and after surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or any other medical treatment.
  • Improve your body's immune system, its natural defence - so you are able to better fight infection.
  • Help you maintain muscle strength, stay a healthy weight, have enough energy for everyday tasks and to feel better in yourself.
Eating well is something you can control during your cancer treatment and can enhance your quality of life. For more information, please visit Staying well during and after treatment or contact us on 13 11 20.


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