Getting to know our services - exercise physiologist

Posted 4 Jul 2016.

To help you become more familiar with the services we provide, we have introduced a weekly 'getting to know our services' series. This week, we're talking Cancer Council WA provided Exercise Physiologists.

Our lodge guest exercise program was developed as increasing amounts of research identified exercise as an important part of cancer treatment and recovery.  Recent research from the ECU Health and Wellness Institute established exercise interventions during and after cancer treatment, resulted in significant and sustained improvements in the physical, mental and social wellbeing of people affected by cancer.



In June 2012, in consultation with the Life Now team, it was decided to offer an exercise program to our lodge guests where an Exercise Physiologist (EP) would be available on a weekly basis for consultation and advice on how to safely and effectively use gym equipment. 

The program aims to help guests staying at our lodges tolerate and recover from intensive treatments through building strength, improving fitness, reducing fatigue and learning how to make exercise part of their lifestyle.  Other objectives include:


  • To provide people treated for cancer an opportunity to participate in an exercise program facilitated by an EP.
  • To build the motivation and confidence of people with cancer, encouraging them to become more physically active.
  • Increase access to safe and supervised cancer specific exercise programs.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the benefits of exercise in cancer management.
Since the inception of the lodge exercise program, our Exercise Physiologist has delivered over 300 sessions with our lodge patients and we have noticed an increase in the overall gym attendance at both lodges.
For more information about on-site support and services available to our lodge guests click here. 


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