Getting to know our services - patient education seminars

Posted 8 Jul 2016.

To help you become more familiar with the services we provide, we have introduced a weekly 'getting to know our services' series.  This week, we're talking patient education seminars.

We run education sessions as part of the Life Now program - as Life Now offers classes such as exercise, yoga and mindfulness, the cancer education sessions compliment the classes by providing opportunities for people to find out why these activities can benefit their health. For example, our education sessions about exercise involve an academic from Edith Cowan University explaining the research behind the value of exercise, including how exercising can reduce the risk of cancer returning.

Knowing information about health is very empowering and can help people make lifestyle choices which may improve their quality of life.  A range of face-to-face education sessions have been provided, such as:


  • Exercise, yoga and cancer
  • Nutrition and cancer
  • Living life after cancer: how to find your new normal
  • Caring for your emotional self
  • Mindfulness for anxiety
  • Legal and financial matters
These free sessions are for people affected by cancer - including their carers and family members, as well as health professionals.  Expressions of interest can be made via our website or 13 11 20.  Health information is also available online through our website, where a range of webinars can be accessed. 

Webinar topics include:
  • Survivorship care planning - "What is a survivorship care plan?"
  • Cancer and men's issues - "What is different for men?"
  • "How can I minimise the long-term effects of cancer treatment?"
  • "Let's talk about sex after cancer".

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