Getting to know our services - practical assistance

Updated 7 Jul 2017.

To help you become more familiar with the services we provide, we've introduced a weekly 'getting to know our services' series.  This week we're talking practical assistance.

In line with Cancer Council Western Australia's (CCWA) values and mission of supporting people affected by cancer, CCWA provides practical support as a short-term relief measure, where the treatment for cancer is having a serious direct effect on the function of the family or a person's capacity to maintain independence at home. This assistance is for cancer patients who are not in receipt of HACC or other funded support services and have no alternative supports available. 


What is the Practical Support Program?

Practical support is intended as short-term practical relief, where the treatment for cancer is having a serious direct effect on the functional capacity of the family or the person's capacity to remain independent at home.

Cancer Council WA relies on the referrer to make a complete assessment of the applicant's eligibility for existing community social support resources and to approach the CCWA only as an agency of last resort.  It is not the responsibility of CCWA to assist the patient and his/her family with ongoing practical support.

Eligibility is determined by assessment of practical needs within the context of the family's resources. The fact that a cancer patient is undergoing treatment is not grounds for automatic approval of applications.


Who is eligible?

A person with a confirmed cancer diagnosis who is undergoing further investigation; cancer treatment, or has completed cancer treatment within the last six months and is experiencing hardship as a result of a significant lack of social resources.


For more information on our Practical Support Program click here. 

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