Healthy Living after Cancer a phone call away

Updated 19 Dec 2017.

A new telephone service designed to help cancer patients return to a healthy lifestyle after treatment is now available in WA.

Healthy Living after Cancer is a free, personalised diet and exercise program operated by Cancer Council WA aimed at people who have completed treatment for cancer.

The program is designed to help participants set and reach their goals for increased physical activity and improved diet. Available to people over the age of 18, participants will receive up to 12 health coaching calls over six months with a Cancer Council WA 13 11 20 nurse.

Rosemerry Hodgkin, Healthy Living after Cancer Nurse at Cancer Council WA, said the program is a great way to make some positive lifestyle changes and get back in shape.

"Getting back to a healthy lifestyle after cancer is important and exercising more and eating better may help reduce the risk of cancer returning," she said.

"We work with participants to develop personalised plans, set goals and provide motivation during the program."

A number of participants have utilised the service already and were now able to lead more balanced lifestyles.

"We've received really positive feedback from participants who indicated the program had given them the building blocks to reach achievable goals," Ms Hodgkin said.

"They feel fitter, healthier and have enjoyed the changes they've made."

Participants also said they felt more confident approaching physical activity.

"They are much more confident getting out and about, with one participant even saying they were ready to throw away their walking stick," said Ms Hodgkin.

To find out more about the Healthy Living after Cancer program, call 13 11 20 or head to

Healthy Living after Cancer is a National Health and Medical Research Council-funded partnership between Cancer Councils in WA, SA, NSW and Victoria, and is coordinated by the University of Queensland.

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