Jack's Big Cut turns into a big surprise for nine-year-old fundraiser

Posted 15 Mar 2016.

After more than two years of growing his hair for charity, Jack Churchman got it lopped off today by none other than West Coast Eagles Luke Shuey and Andrew Gaff.

The nine-year-old from Bassendean has been running Jack's Big Cut - his Cancer Council WA 'Do it for Cancer' fundraising campaign - since 2014 after being inspired by young people living with cancer.

"There were some kids in my sister's class who had cancer and it was hard for them," he said.

"I felt really bad for them. I just wanted to help."

While he was aware of traditional fundraising methods, Jack wanted to do something unique to stand out.

"My friend cut his hair but I wanted to do something a bit different. I'm a big fan of movies so I wrote letters to Aussie movie stars and asked for signed photos to auction, but no one replied," he said.

"So I went back to the drawing board and thought I should make my own movies scenes instead. It all went from there."

Fast-forward to 2016, Jack has over 1409 Facebook page ‘likes', has featured in a number of magazines and newspapers as well as local and national TV news programs, and has raised more than $9,000 for Cancer Council WA.

West Coast Eagle Cancer Council WA ambassador Luke Shuey, who cut Jack's hair in a special event on Monday, said he was grateful to have met Jack and was amazed at the result of his fundraising efforts.

"What Jack has done has blown me away, raising $9,000 for Cancer Council WA is outstanding," Shuey said.

While Jack was going to have a break from fundraising to allow his hair to return to a more manageable state, he did have one piece of advice for people who were thinking about giving fundraising a go.

"Some people might think they are too small or too young to help people with cancer, but everyone can do something," Jack said.

"If I did it so can you, so just do it for cancer."

Go to Jack's Facebook page to see all of his amazing celebrity impersonations

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