Milroy Lodge makes the world of difference to Mark’s treatment

Posted 28 Nov 2016.


Youngs Siding resident Mark Parre was a guest at Milroy Lodge for six weeks this year after being told he needed to relocate to Perth for cancer treatment.

“The quietness and nature around Milroy Lodge really make it feel like home to me.  There are so many aspects to this place which together have made the world of difference to my cancer treatment,” he said.

“It’s difficult to be up in Perth, away from family and your community when you’re going through something like this,” said Mark, “but living at Milroy makes it so much easier.”

He said the staff and volunteers who work at Milroy Lodge are always caring and helpful and the fact they will check on you if they haven’t see you for a brief while was very comforting.

“I can honestly say the service at Milroy is very ‘home’ like and it’s really allowed me to live a very normal lifestyle during my cancer treatment in Perth.”

Other services at the Lodge, such as the bus service that transports guests to treatment were also fantastic according to Mark. After a brief respite from treatment which has allowed Mark to head home, he will return to Milroy Lodge later in the year when he is required to undergo surgery as an ongoing part of his treatment.

“All of this is possible thanks to the kindness of fundraisers and donors to Cancer Council which really highlights what a wonderful community we have.”

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