Remembering our great friend and supporter, Sheila Hogan

Posted 5 Sep 2016.

It was with great sadness last week that we learnt of the passing of our long-time supporter, Sheila Hogan.
Our long-time friend and supporter, Sheila Hogan

Photo by Andrew Ritchie, Community Newspaper Group

Sheila commenced volunteering with us back in 1987 when we were named the Cancer Foundation.

For 29 years, Sheila was a passionate and committed supporter of our work and a tireless fundraiser. We all drew a great amount of inspiration from her.

Having beaten breast cancer more than 35 years ago, Sheila became active in volunteering when few cancer support services were available. In particular, she focused her efforts in the area of breast cancer when from 1987 to 2006 she volunteered with our early Breast Cancer Support Service, a peer support program offering emotional and practical support for women diagnosed with breast cancer. This early program was the forerunner of our now extensive Supportive Care Services for people affected by cancer.

In 1992, Sheila was instrumental in helping us establish our Wig Library, which continues to flourish today, helping cancer patients and families cope with some of the effects of cancer treatment by providing free loans of wigs, turbans and scarves.

Sheila Hogan with our Wig Library and accomodation lodge team in 2012
Sheila volunteering in our Wig Library in 2012

Sheila has also dedicated much of her time to fundraising for us, being an integral part of Daffodil Day since 1997 and Relay For Life since 1999.

Sheila has shown a long-term and selfless commitment to us an organisation and people affected by cancer but she always maintains that she gets so much more back than she gives. Her belief was always that, "Somewhere along the line we are going to beat cancer...somehow!"

In recognition of her incredible work, Sheila was the recipient of Fundraising Australia's 2007 National Awards: Excellence in Fundraising Volunteer of the Year for WA, and the WA Volunteer Service Award 2015 for 25+ years of volunteer service.

In the lead up to what was sadly her last Daffodil Day with us, this article and beautiful photo of Sheila graced the pages of the local community newspaper:

Volunteer and long-time supporter Sheila Hogan

Sheila inspired us all endlessly and we can never properly express how grateful we are for her countless years of dedication and generosity.
She will be dearly missed.

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