Rethink ‘relax’ over the summer holidays

Posted 20 Dec 2016.


Currently, more than half of all Australian adults are not active enough for good health. Regular physical activity will not only improve your overall health but it is also a key factor in reducing your cancer risk.

While January and December are the most common time of year for people to take some time off work and relax, it's important to note that relaxing doesn’t have to mean sitting for long periods. It’s vital to stay active, even while on holidays.

To help, we’ve put together our top 5 tips on how to ‘rethink relax’ and stay active these holidays – check them out below.


5 suggestions for how to ‘rethink relax’ over the summer holidays:

1. Promote opportunities for standing and interacting at family gatherings. You could do this by not providing chairs for everyone at your Christmas function – this encourages guests to move around and socialise also!

2. Catching up with people doesn’t have to be sedentary. Instead of sitting, go for a walk or play a game, like beach cricket. But don’t forget to be SunSmart and Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide!

3. Take the opportunity to be more active outdoors while on holidays. Exercise in the park or visit to the beach – it’s best to do this in the morning or late afternoon when the UV is low.

4. Interrupt family gatherings with games for people of all ages or even dancing for the younger members of the family.

5. Introduce ideas to break up prolonged sitting during extended TV viewing of sporting events such as test cricket games. Suggest activity breaks to coincide with hitting a 6 in the cricket or even during each ad break. This will keep everyone entertained and makes the viewing party more exciting!

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