The Great Aussie Crunch encouraging healthy habits at school

Posted 5 Sep 2016.

This week (September 5 -11), over 21,000 WA school kids representing 92 schools will attempt to send their ‘crunch-o-meters' off the scale by simultaneously crunching on fresh veggies as part of the Great Aussie Crunch!

Lexi, Sam, Harry and Gabby from Palmyra Primary School getting ready to crunch with Aussie Olympic waterpolo player Joel Swift

Lexi, Sam, Harry and Gabby from Palmyra Primary School getting ready for their Great Aussie Crunch with Aussie Olympic waterpolo player Joel Swift

The Great Aussie Crunch marks the start of Fruit & Veg September and primary school kids will have their carrots, celery, capsicum, snow peas or other veg of choice at the ready at their set time to CRUNCH and see whether their crunch is a quiet ‘caterpillar nibble' or an ear-crushing ‘crocodile crunch'.

The Great Aussie Crunch, along with our ongoing Crunch&Sip schools program, aims to provide an entertaining way to encourage kids to eat more vegetables and increase positive perceptions of healthy eating.

"While most WA children are eating the recommended daily intake of fruit, only one in six are eating enough vegies," Our Schools Nutrition Coordinator, Shannon Wright explains.

"It's important children form healthy eating habits early on to prevent the risk of chronic disease later in life. The classroom is the perfect environment to promote this message and put it into practice!" 

It's not too late to register your school to take part in The Great Aussie Crunch.

What's a Crunch&Sip school?

Our Crunch&Sip program is celebrating its 11th birthday this year and is now a daily feature in nearly 400 WA primary schools.

Crunch&Sip is a set break to eat fruit or salad vegetables and drink water in the classroom, assisting physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom. This gives kids a chance to refuel, a bit like putting petrol in a car.

Recent government research revealed on any given day:

  • Five out of six WA school kids do not eat enough vegetables
  • One out of nine does not eat enough fruit
  • Nearly half do not meet their daily fluid requirements

At a Crunch&Sip school, students bring fruit or salad vegetables to school to eat in the classroom at a set time each day. Each child also has a small clear bottle of water in the classroom to drink throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

By becoming a Crunch&Sip school, your school will be provided with a range of resources to keep you motivated to continue the healthy habits year-round. 

Is your school a Crunch&Sip school, or would you like it to be? Head to for more information.

Canning Vale Primary School taking part in last years' Great Aussie Crunch 
Canning Vale Primary School getting ready for The Great Aussie Crunch last year 

Guildford Primary School year ones having their Crunch & Sip break 

Guildford Primary School year ones having their Crunch&Sip break. 


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