10 tips for adding more fruit and veg to your plate

Posted 7 Apr 2017.


A new CSIRO study reveals only 24% of Aussie women and 15% of Aussie men are eating the recommended 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegies – are you getting your daily 2 & 5?

To help, our LiveLighter Project Officer, Anne Finch share her top tips for adding more fruit and veg to your plate. Check them out below!

Check out our top tips for adding more fruit and veg to your plate below:

Breakfast & Snacks

1. Try adding some veg to your omelette or top up your toast with fresh fruit

2. For a quick and easy start to the day, combine frozen berries and veg of your choice into a smoothie, easy!

3. If you’re a cereal eater – liven things up by adding fresh slices of fruit and yoghurt

4. Freeze banana slices, grapes and berries in a container to take along to work as an icy snack

5. Puree fruit & veg and pour them into ice-block moulds to add to your water


Lunch & Dinner

6. Try something different like adding slices of fruit to savoury salads

7. Add fruit and veg to your baked chicken and fish to tantalize your taste buds

8. Blend all your favourite veggies into a comforting hot soup

9. Replace meat with veggies in your main meals; why not try eggplant and pumpkin instead?

10. Add flavour to your rice and couscous by adding chopped up fruit


LiveLighter recipes to try


1. Pesto baked mushrooms with roast tomatoes

2. Home-style baked beans

3. Egg, rocket and avocado toast topper

4. Fluffy spinach and mushroom omelette

5. Basil beef and bean stir-fry

6. Spicy pumpkin soup

7. Mexibean tortilla melt

8. Chicken and vegie pie

9. Spicy BBQ fish with mango salad

10. Tutti fruity grape popsicles



For more tips on living a healthy lifestyle check out Live Lighter.


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