12 West Australians set to star in new quit campaign

Updated 16 Feb 2017.

A new locally made advertising campaign ‘From Every Quitter’ launched last night featuring a diverse group of 12 West Australians who have recently quit smoking or are currently attempting to quit.

In the television ads each person delivers a heartfelt plea directly to camera, asking smokers ‘If you can’t quit with me, don’t smoke around me’.

Our Make Smoking History manager Libby Jardine said the campaign aimed to help people on their quit journey by rallying the support of their loved ones, especially those who continue to smoke.

The campaign is based on research conducted by the Western Australian Cancer Prevention Research Unit at Curtin University in 2015 that found seeing ‘other people smoke’ was a key trigger to smoke and one of the top barriers to quitting was having ‘loved ones who are smokers’.

Libby said the individuals in the campaign were recruited from a group of 70 who responded to a call out on Facebook last year (seeking people who had recently quit to be part of the new campaign).

“We know that testimonial style ads are particularly effective in promoting quit attempts so we are enormously grateful to the 12 individuals who stepped forward to share their stories as part of this campaign.

“Their personal stories, which will also feature in a series of videos as part of the online component of the campaign, give the campaign genuine ‘grit’ and authenticity which we believe will have a powerful impact,” said Libby.

Make Smoking History has also launched a new blog to showcase these online videos.

One of the 12 to feature in the campaign Lynwood mother of three Tarryn Cook had been smoking for close to 30 years when she recently quit after being hospitalised with pneumonia.

She said being part of the campaign had been a really positive experience and had strengthened her resolve to remain a non-smoker.

“Meeting others who were part of this campaign and hearing their stories and struggles to quit has been awe-inspiring. “If my involvement in this campaign can help just one person quit then it’s totally worth it,” said Tarryn.

The campaign will  run on TV, radio (including Indigenous channels), at outdoor locations such as petrol stations and will also include a prominent online component.

Smokers will be encouraged to create and share their own #pleasehelpmequit posts throughout the campaign.

Part of the campaign will also specifically target GPs and people who work with ‘at risk’ groups in the community and social services sector to encourage and support their patients and clients to quit smoking.


Listen to Libby and Tarryn chat about the new ‘from every quitter’ campaign with Gareth Parker from 6PR mornings here.

Listen to Tarryn and Chris chatting to Matt and Kymba from MIX FM breakfast about why they became involved in our new ‘From every quitter’ campaign here.

Research shows:

• 2 out of 3 long term smokers will die from their cigarette addiction. i.e. of the 257,000 adults in WA who smoke, 171,000 will die due to their smoking.

• There are approximately 50 hospitalisations per day in WA due to tobacco smoking.

• In WA alone, 1,600 lives are taken by tobacco use every year i.e. 4 people per day.


The campaign will run throughout WA until Saturday, May 6, 2017 in metropolitan and regional areas.

If you'd like to talk to someone about quitting call the Quit line on 13 78 48.  For confidential, cancer-related information and support contact our Cancer Nurses on 13 11 20.


Make Smoking History is an initiative of Cancer Council WA and proudly supported bythe Department of Health WA and Healthway.

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