4 Healthy Spring Food Swaps

Posted 16 Oct 2017.

Let the warmer weather inspire you to eat more fruit and veg, cut down on alcohol and share a healthy feast with friends!

Here are our Nutrition Expert and Dietitian Anne's top four tips to make the warmer months healthier:

Tip 1: Fabulous fruits

Fruits taste best and are cheapest when they're in season, and the warmer months are great for mangoes, grapes, cherries and stone fruits.

Have fruit as your go-to snack and ditch the packets of chips and muesli bars. These junk foods tend to be high in sugar, saturated fat and salt - all stuff we could do with less of in our diets.

Have fruit on the counter where you can see it, or pre-chopped in the fridge for a chilled snack. Frozen bananas and berries blend up into a delicious sorbet and make a great swap for icecream on those balmy evenings. More fibre, more antioxidants and less sugar. Delicious.

Tip 2: Make friends with salad

In hot weather we're naturally drawn to cold, light foods like salads and sandwiches. Make the most of it and up your salad game!

95% of Aussies don't eat enough fruit and veg, which is a shame, because they can help maintain a healthy weight, prevent heart disease, certain cancers and type two diabetes.

Here's how to make a super salad:

Salad builder - step one

Salad builder - step 2

Salad builder - step 3

Tip 3: Drink less booze

'Tis the season for celebrating and in Australia this often includes alcohol. Alcohol's linked to heart disease and at least six cancers, including bowel cancer in men and breast cancer in women. Alcoholic drinks also contain a lot of kilojoules which can lead to weight gain.

If you choose to drink alcohol, try and reduce your intake - your liver and waistline will thank you!

- Make every second drink a water, and choose lower alcohol drinks.

- Try light beer, wine punch or shandies, and watering down mixed drinks with plenty of ice.

- Be a good host and make it easy for people to get a non-alcoholic drink by making them pretty and putting them in the same cooler as the booze so they're visible.

For more information about how to cut your alcohol intake, visit LiveLighter.

Tip 4: Bring a healthy plate

BBQs are a great way to socialise and enjoy the warmer weather, but make sure your plate contribution a delicious and nutritious one.

Vegie or yoghurt based dips and some vegie sticks and wholegrain crackers will help you boost your vegie intake and give a crunchy alternative to chips.

If you're after a finger food with wow-factor try our colourful frittata, rice paper rolls or wonton cups.

If your go-to dish is a "sometimes food", look for ways to modify the recipe to make it more nutritious: swap cream for yoghurt, flavour with herbs and lemon instead of salt, and cut down the sugar in baked goods.


For more ideas on how to cook healthier at home, check out our fact sheet.


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