5 reasons we need mandatory kilojoule labelling in WA fast food outlets

Updated 23 Jan 2017.


In the lead up to the election on March 11, we’re calling on the next state government to require WA fast food outlets to display kilojoule content and Health Star Ratings on their menu boards.


Here’s why:

1. The consumption of fast foods is a major contributing factor to obesity – a well-established risk factor for a range of cancers. Research has identified that being overweight or obese is associated with developing kidney, liver, ovarian, gallbladder, thyroid, leukaemia, colon, uterus, cervix and breast (in post-menopausal women) cancers.

2. We deserve to be informed about the kilojoule content of junk foods to enable informed decisions about what we consume.

3. We need to keep up with the rest of the country - kilojoule labelling in fast food outlets is already mandatory in NSW, ACT and SA and will become mandatory in Queensland and Victoria in 2017.

4. Kilojoule labelling is proven to be successful in helping consumers make healthier choices. In NSW, an evaluation found people purchased 15 per cent less kilojoules after the laws took effect.

5. The inclusion of Health Star Ratings indicating a food’s nutritional value on menu boards will give consumers better information to guide their eating choices.


Not sure what kilojoule labelling and Health Star Ratings really mean? Check out our guide for reading food labels here.



Join us in petitioning our politicians in the lead up to the March state election to take meaningful action and make cancer a priority. Whether by restricting the availability of tobacco, installing UV meters in our schools, or increasing funding for vital research, our state representatives have the power to make changes that will have a significant impact towards achieving better health outcomes for our community.

By combining our voices, united against cancer, we can make a real difference - and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Find out more about our election priorities here.



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