Couple find mindfulness a life changing experience

Posted 30 Jan 2017.

For Margaret and Graeme Teasdale of Bruce Rock, their experience with cancer has been a mixed bag.

Margaret, who runs a small home-based business ‘Teasing Tastes’ was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2014. She said the diagnosis came as a shock and a total disruption to their lives once she began a rollercoaster of cancer treatment.

Margaret underwent chemotherapy followed by surgery and further chemotherapy which involved many hours of travel to and from Perth.Fortunately, the treatment has led to a positive outcome as Margaret is now in remission.

One of the unexpected surprises of their cancer experience, apart from the enormous support she received from family and friends in the local community, was our free mindfulness course they participated in at the end of her treatment.

“We enrolled in this course without really knowing what it was all about. It was something that was recommended to us so we thought we’d give it a go,” She said.

Our Life Now mindfulness course proved to be a somewhat life changing experience for the Teasdale’s and well worth the hours of travel - over the eight week course, the couple travelled three hours to Perth for each class and another three hours for the return trip.

“The course was a complete eye opener. The experience of learning how to relax and be in tune to your body was totally awe inspiring,” said Margaret.

“The teacher was absolutely fantastic and Graeme and I learned a new side of ourselves, in fact this course was not only a benefit to me but also probably more so for Graeme as my ‘carer’.”

Margaret said Graeme, a livestock manager at Elders in Merredin, has become a strong advocate for meditation after completing the course and often talks about the benefits of meditation to his farmer clients.

“Learning and practicing meditation has really made such a difference to our lives and we’ve found it useful for so many everyday activities.” Margaret said.

Registrations for our Life Now Mindfulness program are now open. Find your nearest class here or give our Cancer Nurses a call on 13 11 20 for more info.


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