Forget your New Year’s resolutions and think healthy habits instead!

Posted 3 Jan 2017.

Only eight per cent of people are estimated to stick to their New Year’s resolution each year, so this year we’re recommending a more effective approach. Rather than setting a New Year’s resolution focus on adopting a healthy everyday habit for 2017 instead. Building healthy habits is like a dance – there may be a few steps backwards, but there are many of steps forward as well!

Here’s our top 4 tips for reframing your thinking and committing to a healthy everyday habit:

1. Reward yourself for achieving smaller goals - set yourself a target to walk every day for a month. Once you’ve achieved your goal, treat yourself with a new purchase or special outing to celebrate!

2. Be a good role model - go cycling with your kids or enjoy active outdoor activities together.

3. Sit less, move more – If you child is taking swimming lessons pass the time and stay active by walking laps around the pool – that’s easily 30 minutes of exercise already! At work, have a walking meeting around the office block instead of sitting down.

4. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the bandwagon - if you’ve had a day of indulgences or a week off from exercising, don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, focus on what you can do now. It might mean going for a 10 minute walk after dinner or choosing not to have a piece of cake at morning tea.


LiveLighter has a handy worksheet to help you write effective goals, take a look, here.

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