Guest Blog: Isabelle’s brave shave

Posted 17 Feb 2017.

Isabelle Osborne recently raised $3,195 through her #bebraveshave fundraiser. Below, Isabelle explains what inspired her create her fundraiser and how it helped women to open up about their own experiences with cancer.

"I chose to raise money and awareness because I feel like everyone seems to have a story connecting them to some form of cancer, at some point in their life - be it a close friend, a family member, a colleague, or even themselves.

Recently, I became aware of how helpless we can sometimes feel when someone close to us is battling cancer. I realised that mostly, I wanted to let those going through that extremely difficult battle know that they are not alone in their fight and above all, to 'be brave'.

So, I decided I would get busy and create a fundraising page. It was something I could actually do in order to show my support, instead of feeling helpless. This is where the impetus of 'Be Brave' came from, and amazingly it became a really lovely way of showing my appreciation for so many people around me.

Once I started the cause, I had so many women around me open up about their breast cancer journeys, ovarian cancer battles, struggles and triumphs.

I set up some posts online about the fundraising page and had a great response.

A wonderful friend of mine, Molly Wellington, handmade 60 amazing custom 'boobie badges' for breast cancer awareness in all different shapes and sizes, which we sold for $10 each - every single one sold! I set up a collection jar in my Mum's cafe, which also raised funds.

On the day of the shave, a collection of friends came along, with each coming up to take turns in cutting off a lock of my hair - it felt like a community effort and was very special.

I initially aimed to raise $2,000 and I have been so amazed that with a few weeks still left to donate, we have already reached over $3,000!"

THANK YOU so much for your support Isabelle, you're an absolute superstar and we're so appreciative of your incredibly generous donation. We couldn't do what we do without amazing people like you!

Isabelle's fundraising page is still open and collecting donations until February 28, if you would like to support her cause you can make a donation here.

If you would like to create your own fundraiser for us, like Isabelle head to our Do It For Cancer page to register now!

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