How improving cancer data impacts on health outcomes for West Australians

Posted 16 Feb 2017.

In the lead up to the election on March 11, we’re calling on the next state government to commit $20m over 4 years to build on the preliminary work of the Expert Advisory Cancer Group and develop and implement a Cancer Control Analysis Unit within the Cancer and Palliative Care Network.

4 reasons we need to improve cancer data:

• A solid evidence-based understanding of our current cancer health system is vital to ensuring the best possible outcomes for WA patients now and in the future.

• Having a good data system in place ensures our health care system remains up to date.

• Without a dedicated and secure state-wide collection system, we can’t know what the health outcomes for patients are, and therefore we can’t work to improve these outcomes.

• It’s essential to understand what happens with patients, what treatments they have, what outcomes they have and how long they have to wait for treatment to evaluate and improve our health care system.


How will investment from the state government help?

A dedicated and secure state-wide collection system that provides timely and accurate data to cancer clinicians, policy makers, planners and researchers on the performance of WA’s cancer services is long overdue.

Investment from the next state government will allow a system to be put in place which will enable the data to securely link existing diagnostic, surgical, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, screening, multidisciplinary care and survival data to provide a better understanding of the care currently given in WA.

Without a solid understanding of a current health care system we are unable to introduce changes to improve the health outcomes of all West Australians affected by cancer.

The improvement of cancer data in WA emphasises a smarter allocation of health dollars to have the greatest impact on the incidence and impact of cancer.

“Some of our asks such as improving cancer data are not costly but we know this investment will make a significant difference to West Australian cancer patients,” our CEO Susan Rooney said.


Watch our Past President and eminent breast cancer surgeon, Professor Christobel Saunders explain the impact improve cancer data will have on cancer outcomes for West Australians below.



Join us in petitioning our politicians in the lead up to the March state election to take meaningful action and make cancer a priority. Whether by restricting the availability of tobacco, installing UV meters in our schools, or increasing funding for vital research, our state representatives have the power to make changes that will have a significant impact towards achieving better health outcomes for our community.

By combining our voices, united against cancer, we can make a real difference - and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Find out more about our election priorities here.

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