How investment in local research is the key to cancer breakthroughs

Posted 20 Feb 2017.

In the lead up to the election on March 11, we’re calling on the next state government to enhance the generous donations made by the WA community for research by committing $10m per annum for 4 years to a cancer research fund, or a total commitment of $40m over the 4 year term of government.


4 reasons we need investment in local cancer research:

• High quality, locally-relevant research is the undeniable key to vital cancer breakthroughs.

• Thanks to advances in medical research, more people are being successfully treated - but with over 200 different types of cancer, each with its own complexities, there is still much work to be done.

• Research is and will continue to be the primary driver of progress in the fight against cancer, allowing us to guide public policy and empower the community to reduce their cancer risk.

• In comparison to other Australian states and territories, WA has seen a very poor level of investment in local cancer research from successive state governments.



How will investment from the state government help?

The foundations for a successful and vibrant local cancer research sector are under threat due to lack of government investment, and we risk losing our best researchers interstate and overseas. Not only are these researchers vital to our fight against the disease right now, they’re also the key to inspiring future generations to take up careers in cancer research - safeguarding the future of the sector.

A state government investment in WA’s research programs will benefit the community significantly, leading to easier, earlier and more equitable access for more West Australians to participate in research opportunities such as clinical trials, regardless of where they live.

An additional benefit will be the creation of new jobs and the ability to bring more resources to the state, increasing our opportunity to successfully attract more national and international funding.

Research into the causes, prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer is and will be the primary driver of progress in our fight against cancer.


Watch how research breakthroughs can impact the health outcomes for West Australian’s like Bronwyn below.

In 2016 Bronwyn Fleming was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, initially being told her cancer was palliative inoperable (terminal). However, thanks to vital research breakthroughs, after several months of effective chemotherapy treatment, doctors decided that Bronwyn should undergo surgery for a Whipple’s procedure.

Bronwyn has recovered from the surgery and although currently undergoing further chemotherapy, has now been given a good prognosis.



Join us in petitioning our politicians in the lead up to the March state election to take meaningful action and make cancer a priority. Whether by restricting the availability of tobacco, installing UV meters in our schools, or increasing funding for vital research, our state representatives have the power to make changes that will have a significant impact towards achieving better health outcomes for our community.

By combining our voices, united against cancer, we can make a real difference - and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Find out more about our election priorities here.

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