New app to help you find asbestos in your home

Posted 13 Jun 2017.

Asbestos-Containing Material Check’ is a new app designed to help you identify materials around your home that could contain asbestos fibres. Inhaling asbestos fibres can result in the development of a wide range of health issues, including mesothelioma.


Mesothelioma is a rare but deadly cancer of the lining of the lung and WA has one of the highest rates of new cases in the world. It can take 10-50 years for mesothelioma to develop and unfortunately survival rates are very low – currently only 3% of men survive five years.

However, new research which is exploring how combining immunotherapy with chemotherapy might help to improve the chances for survival could offer real hope for those diagnosed. Learn more about the research and how you can help us find a cure for mesothelioma here.


What does the App do?

The Asbestos-Containing Material (ACM) Check is a new app for your smartphone or tablet which identifies materials around your home that could contain asbestos.The app is easy to use and understand and will benefit DIY renovators and tradespeople, as well as anyone interested in protecting themselves and their family. The data collected using ACM Check will also help researchers to map the presence and condition of asbestos-containing materials in WA housing.

How can the app help to protect you from asbestos?

The app asks questions while guiding you through a visual inspection of the inside and outside of your house. Areas such as the walls, ceilings, eaves, electrical metre box, fence and outbuildings are inspected for asbestos-containing materials.The app shows plenty of photos to help you with your inspection.

Questions are asked about the age of the house, renovation history and key features of the material. From the information you provide the app is able to determine if a material is “unlikely”, “possible” or “likely” to contain asbestos. It will generate a report at the end of the questionnaire which shows you a summary of your inspection.

Each asbestos containing material is given an overall rating and general recommendations are provided about how to manage these materials. All reports are saved in the app so you can complete the questionnaire as many times as you like and on as many homes as you wish.


How can you get the app?

Download the free app for your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.

Find out more about Asbestos in WA and how to avoid it, here.

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