New online tool makes it easier to support loved ones in need

Updated 4 Oct 2017.

Everyone's cancer experience is unique and often when a loved one is affected by cancer it can be hard to know how to help.

Calling our Cancer Nurses on 13 11 20 is a great place to start. They can answer any cancer-related questions you have and connect you with our wide range of support services, like:


In addition to our support services, our Cancer Nurses can also suggest some external tools that may be useful. One tool we've recently discovered is Gather My Crew - an online rostering tool developed to make it easier for the friends and family of loved ones in crisis to know what support is needed and when.

How can Gather My Crew help? 

"In the early days and weeks after a diagnosis, family and friends are usually really willing to help but knowing what's needed is not always easy to identify. Gather My Crew helps by providing prompts about what could be useful beyond stocking of the freezer with lasagne," said our Cancer Information and Support Services Director, Sandy McKiernan.

The free tool automatically generates a calendar system which tracks and records who's doing what and when, to avoid any double ups. It can even send reminders and updates to keep everyone in the loop during the time the assistance is needed.

"A cancer diagnosis can be really overwhelming and asking for help doesn't come easy for many of us. This tool enables families to focus on treatment knowing their ‘crew' can decide how and when they can help.

"For those wanting to help but not knowing where to start, it makes it easy to see what needs to be done.

"We all know it's the little things that help the most - Gather My Crew brings all those little things together in one easy to navigate space," said Sandy.


Find out more at www.gathermycrew.orgFor further information about the support services we provide, call us on 13 11 20.

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