"Patients First" Project to improve patient care

Posted 12 Jul 2017.

Congratulations to our former President and Board Member, Professor Christobel Saunders, who's been awarded a Cancer Research Trust grant to conduct much-needed research into improving care pathways for cancer patients.

Professor Saunders' project, Patients First: the Continuous Improvement in Care - Cancer, will implement an innovative program of research that involves consumers, clinicians, health services and researchers, and will measure patient outcomes, identify key deficits in care, generate and trial new interventions and rapidly implement findings.

"Putting cancer patients first is my primary focus and this project will directly improve the lives of those diagnosed with cancer efficiently and effectively," Professor Saunders said.

"The data will help us work out where to best direct our scarce resources.

"At a time when cancer care costs are escalating and the benefits to patients in terms of survival and quality of life are not always apparent, this project has the capacity to identify important deficits in care pathways.

In the video above, Professor Saunders explains the importance of good data to review and improve cancer health systems and outcomes for patients

"Unless you know what these issues are, how can you improve them?"

The Cancer Research Trust (CRT) was established in 2009 to promote and support collaborative cancer research in WA and make a globally-significant contribution to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer. We're proud to be able to contribute $250,000 over the next 5 years towards Professor Saunders' life-changing project thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Read more about the research we're funding on our Research Page.



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