Pinktober in Paraburdoo

Updated 13 Jun 2018.

Event organisers, Kim Sheather and Sue-Anne Halliday, with guest speakers, Tanya Still and Tim Walker, and event organiser Anna Oakley.

The town of Paraburdoo may be small - but fundraising over $7,000 for women's cancers last October proves that they've got huge hearts!

Paraburdoo is located 1,536 kilometres north of Perth in the Pilbara region and has a population of just 1,600 people.

Last month, the town was painted pink to celebrate Pinktober in Paraburdoo a series of Pink Ribbon events to raise money and awareness around women's cancers.

Local resident, Anna Oakley has been organising the fundraiser for the past three years with the help from friends Kim Sheather and Sue-Anne Halliday.

With the support of the local community, Pinktober celebrations continue to grow each year.

"This year we raised over $7,000 for Cancer Council WA. That's more than double the amount we raised last year," said Anna.

Throughout the month, five different fundraising events were coordinated as part of Pinktober in Paraburdoo; the Paraburdoo Pink Ribbon Dinner, Pink Ribbon Cake Stall, Little Ladies Pink Lemonade Stand, Wear Pink on Pink Ribbon Day and the extremely popular Decorate a Bra Competition.

The response from the local community has been overwhelming with tickets to the Paraburdoo Pink Ribbon Dinner selling out in less than 90 minutes!

"This is a record for us as last year it took four days to sell the tickets and four weeks in the previous year!" said Anna.

On the night guests enjoyed a range of activities from silent auctions to the ‘Kiss Cancer Away Wall'.

Guest speakers included local nurse, Tania Still, who spoke about women's cancers and the importance of regular screening and self-checks and, Tim Walker, the husband of a local cancer survivor, who presented a different perspective on the issue by speaking about his family's cancer journey.

Our Community Fundraising Coordinator, Pausha Prigent, said the magnitude of the Pinktober events and the support they received from the community was an incredible achievement for such a small town.

"Anna and her team are an absolute inspiration. Organising large-scale events for Pinktober year after year takes incredible passion, dedication and hard work," she said.

"When Anna told me what they had raised, I was blown away. A town of 1,600 people raising over $7,000 to support us in the fight against women's cancers is astonishing.

"Paraburdoo is seen as a small town, but it certainly has a big heart."

The local school, businesses and community groups all pulled together to show support for Pinktober by donating food, prizes and their time to make each event a success.

"This year 38 local businesses supported us by donating prizes, loaning us items or donating services to help us coordinate the five events.

"Three other businesses donated all profits from their Pink Ribbon day fundraising activities to us as well," said Anna.

This year saw a particular focus around involving the children of Paraburdoo through special raffles and volunteering assignments.

20 children from the local primary school manned the Pink Lemonade stall, selling refreshments and small pink accessories at the community Craft Centre.

"The kids loved helping out and the community really rallied behind them. The lemonade stall raised a huge $2,500 in just one morning," she said.

Anna explains that because local women have been affected by cancer the community was inspired to support Pinktober.

"Several local ladies have been impacted by cancer over the last few years in our town and I think that's why our community has banded together to support the Pink Ribbon campaign so well this year.

"During October it was pink, pink, pink everywhere! The only struggle I think we'll have now is determining how we make next year's events bigger, better, different and able to fundraise even more!"

If you'd like to fundraise for us visit our Fundraising page or give our team a call on 1300 65 65 85.

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