Q&A with Dr Peter Allcroft

Updated 26 Jun 2017.

Dr Allcroft will be presenting our upcoming free cancer update lecture – ‘Talking about dying is a normal part of life’ on May 23. We spoke with him about what his lecture will cover and what you can expect to learn from attending below.

CCWA: What will your lecture cover?

Dr Allcroft: The lecture will take place during Palliative Care Week and will discuss the issue of care at the end of life, and a variety of other topics including:

• The history of dying

• What does a good death look like?

• How can you prepare for this?

• Spiritual dimensions of dying

• A focus on living well

• The demanding role of caregivers in the end of life

• David Bowie’s final album


CCWA: Why is it important to talk about dying and palliative care?

Dr Allcroft: According to Palliative Care Australia 82% of Australians think it is important to talk to their family about how they want to be cared for, yet only 28% have actually done so.

What would be important to you in those last months of life?

Where would you like to be cared for?

Most of us want the opportunity to decide these important decisions. While they can be distressing conversations to have with family, friends and your GP, they are essential to have and play an incredibly important role in the issue of care at the end of life.


CCWA: What can people expect to learn from your lecture?

Dr Allcroft: In the western world, we are increasingly older when we die. Sanitation, medication, access to nutrition and medical technology have all contributed to this. Most of us will now have some warning of our impending death as rates of cancer and chronic disease (such as heart and lung disease) rise. Yet, we are often reluctant to discuss our own death with family and friends.

My lecture will focus on the importance of end of life planning and the key factors to consider.


Talking About Dying is a Normal Part of Life

Date: Tuesday 23 May 2017

Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Venue: The State Library Theatre, Alexander Library Building Francis St, Perth

Cost: FREE


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