Q&A with our Business Engagement Team

Updated 9 Aug 2017.

Imogen and Addy


We caught up with our Business Engagement Manager, Addy Wetzler for a chat about the work our Business Engagement Team do – take a look below!


Q. Tell us a little about the role of the business engagement team at CCWA, how do you help us in our mission to beat cancer?

A. The Business Engagement team develop relationships with corporate and philanthropic organisations, seeking funding to allow CCWA to maintain and grow our vital role in the community.


Q. As a not-profit organisation we rely on community support to carry out our work. Is it rewarding to connect CCWA with philanthropic organisations that help us work towards our goal of a cancer free future?

A. It is incredibly rewarding! Not only because we are working towards our goal, but because we are mobilising community support and harnessing the passion that exists in the philanthropic community.


Q. Addy, you’re new to CCWA, what inspired you to apply for a position with us?

A. I was (and still am!) excited to work with a highly successful fundraising team at an organisation with a holistic focus and a very clear vision and mission.


To find out how you can join our team and help us beat cancer visit our careers page! 

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