Q&A with Professor Eva Segelov

Updated 21 Jul 2017.


Professor Segelov will be presenting our upcoming free cancer update lecture – ‘Improving cancer care through clinical trials’ on July 21. We spoke with her about what her lecture will cover and what you can expect to learn from attending below.


Q: What will your lecture cover?

A: What are clinical trials and why are they important? Who benefits? What are the ethical concerns with being on and NOT being on a trial?


Q: What role do clinical trials play in improving cancer care?

A: Clinical trials are the gold standard way of proving that one treatment is better or equal to another. This allows us to balance side effects with benefits and also allow our government to make choices about what to spend the precious health dollar on.

They protect us from false claims about treatments and give us the information to be able to present choices and trade-offs to patients and their families.

Clinical trials ensure a rigorous ethical framework. The incorporation of patient reported outcomes (PROMS) means that patients can directly feedback on their symptoms and issues during clinical trials.


Q: What can people expect to learn from your lecture?

A: I hope to explain the basis of trials and the range of trials that are used to improve care in prevention, diagnosis and management of cancer and symptoms and to offer a deeper analysis of different types of trials.

Listen to Professor Eva Segelov speak with Gareth Parker from the Morning Program on 6PR here.

Improving cancer care through clinical trials

Date: Friday 21 July 2017

Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Venue: The State Library Theatre, Alexander Library Building Francis St, Perth

Cost: FREE

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