Sacred Heart tips crunch'o'meter

Posted 11 Sep 2017.

Sacred Heart Primary School in Thornlie have been a certified Crunch&Sip school for over two years now. Last week, they were one of the 90 schools to participate in The Great Vegie Crunch!

More than 27,000 West Australian kids crunched down on their fresh vegies in the hope of tipping the 'crunch-o-meter ' off the scale.

Sacred Heart year five teacher, Emily Newman said that parents have been particularly supportive of the Crunch & Sip program.

"Parents are really supportive because the program helps to normalise snacking on fruit and veg."

Last Friday, years 1- 6 participated in The Great Vegie Crunch at lunchtime by simultaneously crunching down on their fresh vegies.

The school had been preparing for the event for some time, making sure the 'crunch-o-meter' was ready and putting up posters to advertise the big day.

"Our canteen got involved by specially prepared vegie cups on the day to make sure everyone was able to participate," Ms Newman said.

Our Schools Nutrition Coordinator, Shannon Wright, says The Great Vegie Crunch is an entertaining way of encouraging children to eat more vegetables and it increases positive perceptions of healthy eating.

"The Great Vegie Crunch is a fun way to increase vegetable consumption at school. While most Western Australian children are eating the recommended daily intake of fruit, only 1 in 6 are eating enough vegies." she said.

The Crunch&Sip program is a set time during the school day to eat salad vegetables and fruit and drink water in the classroom. Students bring vegetables or fruit to school each day for the Crunch&Sip break. Each child also has a small clear bottle of water in the classroom to drink throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

In WA, Crunch&Sip is well established with 43% of eligible schools across the state currently certified.

Click here for more information about Crunch&Sip and The Great Vegie Crunch.

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