Stick It to No.2: The do's and don'ts of doo-doo

Posted 11 May 2017.

Did you know

Bowel cancer is Australia’s No.2 cancer killer?

Did you know 

That up to 90% of cases can be PREVENTED through early detection?

Did you know 

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program sends out FREE screening kits to all eligible people between the ages of 50 and 74 years?

Did you know

Embarrassment and uncertainty about how to do the test are the two common reasons West Aussies don’t use their screening kit?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, we’re here to help! We’ve gathered poo-fessionals from across WA to create The do’s and don’ts of doo-doo, to show you how EASY and PAIN FREE it really is!


THE 5 DO’s

1. DO your pee before your poop. Empty your bladder and then flush the toilet (this helps to keep the stool sample as accurate as poo-ssible)

2. DO place the Float Collection Sheet print side up in the toilet bowl. This acts as a floaty for your poo and makes collecting a sample super easy. The Float Collection Sheet won’t affect your toilet system once you flush it, amazing!

3. DO use the blue envelope provided. The return address is prefilled to ensure your poo doesn’t land in the wrong hands, now that would be crap!

4. DO label your sample correctly by printing your name, date of birth and date of sample on the adhesive label provided. Make sure to stick your label on the collection stick not the transport tube.

5. DO repeat the test every 1-2 years starting from age 50. Now you know how easy it is, make sure to keep up regular testing.




1. DON’T change your diet or medication. We’re looking for an absolutely stellar sample of your poop and don’t want any changes in your diet to affect this.

2. Please DON’T fish your poo out of the toilet and mail it us… that’s just gross! Use the tip of the Blue Stick to poke your poo and drag back and forth until you have NO MORE than the size of a grain of rice on the end of the stick.
Push the stick into the collection tube until it clicks shut. Repeat the process using the Red Stick 2-3 days after you’ve collected your first sample. Easy!

3. DON’T freeze your doodie! It does however need to be stored between 2-10 degrees until you post the envelope. The fridge is a perfect spot for this.

4. DON’T forget to fill in the ‘Senders Name’ and ‘Senders Address’ and ‘Sender’s Signature’ details on the blue envelope so we know whose poop’s whose.

5. DON’T be afraid to test your poo. Bowel cancer is a lot scarier. Early detection is your best chance of survival.


Now you know the Do’s and Don’ts of Doodoo, what are you waiting for? Let’s STICK IT TO NO.2!


Find out more about bowel cancer screening 

Find out about the campaign at

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