"The program costs nothing, yet there is so much to be gained from it."

Posted 25 Jul 2017.


Congratulations to Kim Hutchinson, who was recently named a finalist in the WA Health Consumer Awards after being nominated by Rosemerry Hodgkin from our Cancer Information and Support Services division.

Kim first came into contact with us through our South West Cancer Support Officer, Hayley Tuck after being diagnosed with throat cancer in December 2014.

At the time, Kim was an active policeman and non-smoker so the diagnosis came as a complete shock.

Shortly after being diagnosed he began chemotherapy treatment followed by radiation therapy. Kim said he was very glad to have reached out to us during his cancer treatment.

"It led to many first time experiences...which at the time were challenging such as attending a support group and counselling sessions."

Cancer stopped Kim from working for 12 months, but after returning to duty in November 2015, he recognised the importance of demonstrating that people can survive disease and continue to lead an effective and fulfilling life.

"I am very glad I followed up about those early concerns. I now always encourage others who may have a slight health concern to get it checked out since early diagnosis of cancer generally leads to better outcomes."

After 44 years with the West Australian Police service, Kim has recently retired and relocated to Perth. Since the move, he has assisted us with a number of media opportunities to share his story and promote our support services.

Kim said he feels healthier now than before his cancer diagnosis thanks in part to completing one of our new programs Healthy Living after Cancer where he was able to set his own goals, evaluate and achieve them.

"The program costs nothing yet there is so much to be gained from it."

Kim is now passionate about raising awareness around the early diagnosis of cancer and encourages anyone affected to consider using our support services.

He has also advocated for cancer health services in the South West of WA with Parliamentary ministers.

Promoting cancer awareness, support and positivity is now a continuing goal in Kim's life.

For more information about our Healthy Living after Cancer program click here or call us on 13 11 20.


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