The Three Gs

Updated 31 Oct 2017.

Pictured: Murray and Elinor

A great friendship has bloomed between three of our lodge guests in the gardens of our Milroy Lodge. 

Green thumbs Elinor, Murray and Lee have been making the most of the Spring skies by joining our Maintenance Officer Steve to get some fresh air and help out with planting and weeding.     

Pictured: Steve and Lee

Murray is from Broome and has stayed at Milroy Lodge for the past three weeks. He's nearing the half-way mark of his radiation treatment and says the fresh air and exercise he gets whilst gardening is helping him to recover.

"It suits us to get outside, not sit in a room," he said.

"We call ourselves the 'Three Gs'; the three gardeners!"

Elinor is from Derby and first stayed with us at Milroy Lodge back in February when she started chemotherapy. Six weeks ago she returned to undergo radiation and is now nearing the end of her treatment. She says she's never felt better and is excited to be heading home soon to be reunited with her dog.

"It's a mutual support system, everyone helps everybody else,"

"I was too crook to move when I first got here. The staff looked after me so well, it's amazing,"

"(Now) there's still that checking to see if it returns, but I'm coming alive again. I've haven't felt so good in a long time," she said.

The third 'G', Lee (pictured on the right with Steve), is staying at Milroy to care for his wife while she undergoes treatment. Whenever he has a spare moment, you'll find him out and about helping Steve, Murray and Elinor with the mulching and heavy lifting.

In the last financial year, 4,711 country cancer patients and their carers stayed at our Crawford and Milroy Lodges while they accessed treatment in Perth. Depending on their treatment schedules, some guests stay for a weekend, whilst others call our lodges their home-away-from-home for a number of weeks.

Watch the short video of our chat with Elinor and Murray below and find out more about our lodges by visiting our accommodation services page.

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