Update: our voices are being heard!

Updated 24 Feb 2017.

To date, over 2800 people have joined their voices with ours, uniting against cancer, to petition our politicians to take meaningful action and make cancer a priority in the lead up to the state election on March 11 – and the great news is, we’re being heard! 


Labor announces research funding

We welcome the announcement by the Labor Party this week of a long term strategy to support health and medical research in Western Australia. The injection of $35M per year is a vitally important boost to health and medical research in WA.

Greater state government investment in WA’s research programs will benefit the community significantly, leading to easier, earlier and more equitable access for more West Australians to participate in research opportunities such as clinical trials, regardless of where they live.

Through our #unitedagainstcancer petition we’re calling on the next state government to enhance the generous donations made by the WA community for research by committing $10m per annum for 4 years to a cancer research fund. The Labor announcement regarding establishment of a ‘Medical research and future fund’ provides a vehicle to achieve that objective.

An additional benefit will be the creation of new jobs and the ability to bring more resources to the state, increasing our opportunity to successfully attract more national and international funding.

High quality, locally-relevant research is the undeniable key to vital cancer breakthroughs.

We are calling on both sides of politics to make specific commitments on the dollar value of cancer research investment.

We‘re calling on the Liberal party to match this proposal so that cancer research and all West Australians affected by cancer are guaranteed winners on March 11.


Partial announcements so far:


If elected, the Labor government announced they will;

• Expand the Find Cancer Early campaign to more regional areas of WA (No specific mention of dollar value investment)

• Examine the recommendations of the 2015 Cancer Care Taskforce in relation to integrated care for high volume cancers at Royal Perth Hospital (Our recommendation is to implement and resource these recommendations state-wide)

• Inject $35M per year over 10 years into health and medical research, which will include the development of a cancer research plan. (No mention of specific dollar value for the cancer research element of this funding announcement)


If elected, the Liberal government announced they will;

• Commit $500k over 2 years for a public education campaign to increase the uptake of bowel cancer screening (Our recommendation is for 4 years)

• Propose legislation to tighten restrictions on the sale of tobacco, this includes making it illegal for employees under 18 to sell tobacco products (Our suggestion is to also cap and then reduce the number of licenses available over the next 4 years, and increase the annual tobacco sellers licence fee)


What now?

When these changes from the government are combined with the work we do here at Cancer Council WA - such as funding world-class research, running prevention programs and providing essential support services thanks to the generous donations of the community, we’ll be closer to the day where cancer no longer turns lives upside down.

As the leading independent cancer organisation in the state we are working towards bringing the defeat of cancer closer all the time. By calling on politicians to make vital changes and advising on the development of public policy on behalf of the community we are moving towards our goal of a cancer-free future.

Our local and state representatives have the power to make changes that will have a significant impact on achieving better outcomes for the thousands of West Australians affected by cancer every year. View our election priorities here.


How can you vote cancer out in just 30 seconds?

1. Head to our United Against Cancer website to read more about our election priorities.

2. Click on ‘COUNT ME IN’ to unite with us in urging the next state government to bring the defeat of cancer closer.

3. Follow the prompts to share our campaign with friends and family via social media or email.




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