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Updated 7 Nov 2018.


Paul Katris

It's with great sadness that we acknowledge the loss of our colleague and dear friend, Paul Katris, who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on Saturday 18 November 2017.

Paul had been with Cancer Council WA for more than 20 years and has been part of the fabric of health professional education in this state as the Executive Officer of West Australian Clinical Oncology Group and member of the COSA (Clinical Oncology Society of Australia) Council as Chair of the Complementary Therapies Group.

Paul was highly respected throughout the cancer community, and we felt a collection of statements from those who worked closest with Paul over the years would be the best reminder of a man whose dedication to improving the wellbeing of those affected by cancer will be sadly missed by so many.

Rest in peace, Paul.

- Ashley Reid, CEO Cancer Council WA

"Paul Katris, in his role as Executive Officer of the WA Clinical Oncology Group, applied his considerable talents, skills and passion to improve outcomes for cancer patients and their families across the state. He was the consummate advocate of patient centred, evidence based care; always looking for ways to facilitate discussion on and improve knowledge of leading edge practice. Amongst many other things Paul was instrumental in bringing together oncology specialists and practitioners from around the state, along with expert national and international speakers, on a range of cancer topics ultimately leading to improved cancer treatment and care for West Australians.

For my part, for the 15 years I was CEO of Cancer Council WA, Paul was my "go to" person when I needed to gain advice on or access to, specialist views or support on emerging issues in cancer treatment and care. He was a kind, generous and dedicated man who through his work made an enormous difference to the lives of people affected by cancer in our state. His passing is an immense loss to the cancer cause and he will be greatly missed."

- Susan Rooney, Former CEO Cancer Council WA


"Paul was a constant reminder of what we are all aiming for: better care and outcomes for people with cancer. He would quietly bring together people and ideas to promote progress and education. His ever-present enthusiasm and energy made things happen. We will all miss him."

- Professor Phyllis Butow, President Clinical Oncology Society of Australia


"Paul's professional reach was exceptional, and he had unfailing support and respect from health professionals and colleagues, not just in WA but right throughout Australia. Paul was highly respected within the cancer community, and we will miss him greatly."

- Marie Malica, Executive Officer Clinical Oncology Society of Australia


"Unique in many ways, Paul selflessly promoted excellence in cancer care. He was enormously well regarded and trusted in the cancer community. A loyal friend, a persistent advocate for doing things better and an irreplaceable font of knowledge of how "the system" really worked for people with cancer. Paul Katris was one of a kind and will be desperately missed."

- Terry Slevin, Education and Research Director, Cancer Council WA


"Paul was a central figure in developing and organising cancer education for health professionals in WA. Through his efforts, many hundreds of lectures and seminars took place resulting in our cancer workforce being consistently updated and up-skilled. Paul was also a major contributor to the education of GPs and the community on cancer issues and supporting the evolution of cancer services and the cancer workforce in WA. All of us will miss him and his enthusiasm and commitment to the cancer community".

- Professor Michael Millward


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