Your signature can help bring the defeat of cancer closer

Posted 19 Jan 2017.

Please join us in petitioning our politicians to make cancer issues a priority in the lead up to the next state election.

Our local and state representatives have the power to make changes that will have a significant impact on achieving better outcomes for the thousands of West Australians affected by cancer every year.

By combining our voices, we can urge our next state government to take meaningful action towards bringing the defeat of cancer closer. Together, we can make a real difference.


 Here’s what our next state government needs to do:


 Increase investment in local research

Compared with other states and territories, WA has had a poor level of investment in local cancer research from successive state governments. High quality, locally-relevant research is the undeniable key to vital cancer breakthroughs.

Improve cancer data to provide better cancer outcomes

A dedicated and secure state-wide collection system that provides timely and accurate data on the performance of WA’s cancer services is essential to ensure the best possible outcomes for WA patients now and in the future.

Invest in cancer prevention programs

Continuing to invest in prevention efforts focused on tobacco, obesity, skin cancer and alcohol will ensure the burden and cost of cancer is reduced for future generations.

Introduce mandatory kilojoule labelling in fast food outlets in WA

We should join other Australian states in making kilojoule labelling and Health Star Ratings compulsory on all fast food menu boards to allow West Australians to make informed decisions about what they consume.

Introduce tobacco sellers laws

The state government has the power to reduce the availability of tobacco across WA. This will help to reduce to number of West Australians taking up smoking and help current smokers quit for good.

Invest in skin cancer prevention

We can empower our community to take protective action against exposure to the sun’s deadly UV rays by introducing tangible and immediate strategies for skin cancer prevention in our schools and public spaces.

Lift the participation in and effectiveness of bowel screening

Participation in the National Bowel Cancer Screening program in WA is well below 40 per cent. Strong local investment from the state government could significantly improve participation rates, resulting in thousands of lives saved.

Invest in the distribution of the Find Cancer Early campaign

A small investment from the state government in our Find Cancer Early campaign could assist in reducing the poorer cancer outcomes experienced by WA’s rural and regional cancer patients in comparison to those in the city.

Improve the care of cancer patients

Recommendations of the Cancer Care Taskforce are pivotal to improving cancer care services in WA and it must have the full support, commitment and resource of the state government.

Improve cancer patient’s mental health

We need the state government to help us improve system-wide management of the mental health of cancer patients and enable improved psychological care and support to reach more West Australians.

Improve Indigenous cancer care

Indigenous Australians require additional support to aid earlier cancer diagnosis and effective treatment, especially in remote areas. State government assistance is needed to provide dedicated services.

Professor Bruce Armstrong explains our election priorities in more detail below.


Find out more about our election priorities or unite with us in urging the Government to bring the defeat of cancer closer at Together, our collective voice can make a real difference.



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