10 tips for a healthy holiday season

Posted 5 Dec 2018.

The upcoming festive season doesn't have to mean a time of over-indulgence. We've put together ten simple tips to make your Christmas a healthier one.

1. Don't go out on an empty stomach.

Before heading off to a party, have a healthy snack such as an apple or carrot. You're more likely to reach for the snacks high in fat, salt and sugar if you arrive hungry.

2. Bring healthy snacks

You're probably not the only one looking for the healthy option this time of year. Help your friends and yourself by bringing healthy snacks to gatherings. Healthy dips, fresh fruit platters, mini frittatas, oven roasted chickpeas or homemade chicken pizza are some ideas. Check out our LiveLighter website for more recipe ideas.

3. Re-think your drinks

Sugary drinks can add extra kilojoules very quickly. Even seemingly healthy suspects like flavoured water can be packed full of sugar! Stick to plain still or sparkling water and flavour it up using fresh citrus, berries or these fruit ice cubes. Top tip: try pomegranate seeds for a festive look.

4. Choose fruit and veg first, then go for lean meats

If your function has fruit or vegetable options on offer, go for those first. After that, choose lean meats, skinless poultry and make sure you trim off any visible fat before cooking (or eating!).

5. Super salads

A warm, summer Christmas is the perfect time to whip up some super satisfying salads. Think big, bold and colourful - add roast veggies, fruit or tasty chickpeas or beans - check out our LiveLighter website for some delicious ideas.

6. The grazing table

Grazing tables are all the rage and can be a super easy way to feed a crowd if you're hosting an event. Make your grazing table healthy by using a wide range of delicious summer fruits, healthy dips and veggies. Try these easy and vegetarian-friendly LiveLighter recipes: blueberry and banana bread, summer mango salsa and caprese wonton cups.

7. Make exercise part of your day

Catch the bus or train and walk to the station if you're going out. Or if you are organising an event plan an activity into it - bowls, dancing or backyard cricket anyone? You could even try a scavenger hunt or hide and seek with the kids (or big kids!). Keep active and aim for 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

8. Be SunSmart

If you're heading to an outdoor function, remember to take a broad-brimmed hat. Or if you're hosting a function outside, ensure you do it when the UV is below three and provide plenty of shade.

9. Watch your alcohol intake

Over the festive season alcohol is everywhere. Without some planning we can easily end up drinking every day. Did you know that alcohol causes 6000 Australian deaths per year, with cancer responsible for one in three? Plan in advance which days to drink and which to skip. When you do choose to drink, try not to have more than two standard alcoholic drinks per day.

10. Avoid food as gifts

Give up the old box of chocolates and think outside the square with your gifts this year. What about a succulent bowl, handmade candle, indoor plant, flowers, puzzles or even better, a present with purpose?

Want more tips for a healthy festive period?

Cancer Council WA delivers the LiveLighter initiative, which aims to encourage Australian adults to lead healthier lifestyles - to make changes to what they eat and drink, and to be more active.

You can find lots of great tips, resources and information at livelighter.com.au, including our fact sheet for hosting a healthier Christmas.

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