13 11 20 Christmas opening hours

Posted 14 Dec 2018.

The normal hours of service for 13 11 20 are Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm. Over the 2018 Christmas break, these will change to:

Support available outside these hours:

LIFELINE 24 hours 13 11 14

CRISIS CARE 24 hours 9223 1111

SAMARITANS 24 hours 9381 5555


Tips for coping with cancer over Christmas

The holiday season can be difficult for people who have experienced a major change or loss in their life. To help, we’ve put together some tips for coping with cancer over the festive season. 


How can calling 13 11 20 help you?


By calling 13 11 20 our experienced Cancer Nurses can provide you with confidential, cancer-related information and connect you with our wide range of support services, such as:

Telephone information and support

Links to support services close to you

Free booklets and information for patients - including resources in other languages

Counselling and emotional support

Peer support groups

• Practical support

Legal and financial advice

Nutrition information

Our Life Now program

Our patient education seminars


Visit our support and services page to learn more about the support we have available for cancer patients, their carers and families.


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