Four Biggest Morning Tea themes to inspire you!

Posted 7 Apr 2021.

Host a COVID-safe Biggest Morning Tea

Every year in May, thousands of people come together for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea - the biggest, most successful and most enjoyable way to raise funds for cancer research and support services.

The official Australia's Biggest Morning Tea date is Thursday 27 May 2021, however you can host anytime until the end of June.

In 2020, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on fundraising activities caused a devastating $9.6 million funding shortfall for Cancer Councils across Australia. By hosting a Biggest Morning Tea in 2021, you'll ensure we can invest in more life-saving research and provide more people with the support they need.

So sign up today and host a COVID-safe Biggest Morning Tea your way this May! Register online here.

Here are some of our favourite theme ideas to help you get started: 

1. Alice in Wonderland

Who can resist the mystical charm of a mad hatter's themed morning tea? Have fun with colour when decorating and don't be too conscious of having everything in perfect order, we're in wonderland after all!

Now that you've shown off your effortless eclectic styling, treat your guests to an array of sandwiches, fruit platters and a steamy cup of tea or coffee!

2. Boho Garden Party

Host your guests boho style! Arrange picnic rugs and cushions in the backyard and add a few fresh flowers for a splash of glamour. If you don't have low tables, showcase your culinary skills buffet style, allowing guests to help themselves to food and maintain a picnic vibe at the same time!

3. Morning Tea Bake-Off

Morning Tea Bake-Off

Encourage a little friendly competition at your event by inviting your guests to show off their baking skills. A long table would be ideal for displaying their wonderful creations. Hand each guest a paper token upon their arrival - they can use this to vote for their favourite entry by adding their vote to paper cups positioned in front of each item. Once everyone has voted, count the results and announce the winner!

TIP: Offering a prize for the winner provides an incentive for your guests to get involved.

4. Round the World for Morning Tea!

Transport your guests to exotic locations across the globe by incorporating recipes and décor inspired by other countries. You could even ask your guests to bring a dish in their favourite cuisine with them to save on cooking!

How can you get involved in Australia's Biggest Morning Tea?

Register to join the fun and host your morning tea your way on our Australia's Biggest Morning Tea website. Once you've registered you'll receive a FREE host kit filled with tips and tricks to make your morning tea a success!

For more information or for help with your morning tea contact us by emailing or calling 1300 65 65 85.

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