5 tips for avoiding alcohol this dry July

Posted 20 Jun 2018.

You've committed to Dry July this year - congratulations! We all have our reasons for signing up, perhaps you know or have lost somebody to Cancer or maybe you want to lose a few of those extra pounds you've been carrying. Whatever your reason, we've put together some encouraging tips help keep you focused!


  1. Think about taking up that hobby that you never started: there is no better time to book that hiking trip with friends or find out about those tightrope walking lessons you have mused over for so long! Maybe you'd prefer something a little less strenuous, like life-drawing, or attempting to grow your own succulent garden. There are a heap of activities to reconnect you with your creative side.

  2. Find a refreshing alternative: there are some amazing non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy. Try sprucing up your water by adding some berries and mint and storing it in the fridge overnight. Water will keep you hydrated and you can enjoy it at home, at work or in the gym. Why not mix up a few different varieties!

  3. Spend quality time with friends and family: life can be distracting at times and it's easy to lose focus on what matters. Society can side-track us all, so take the time to connect with your loved ones and enjoy spending quality time with them over a cup of tea or coffee.

  4. Take a drive: we're pretty lucky here in WA, bounded by the Indian Ocean to the west and north. Book some time off in July and take a road trip! Take in the sites and scenes of our beautiful garden.

  5. Think about the cause: there might be challenges along the way when contemplating what you're giving up, but remember why you're giving them up. If it's not a cause that has affected you personally, maybe it is somebody you know.


By going dry this July and fundraising on our behalf, you'll be helping us to continue providing our vital 13 11 20 support service for all West Australians affected by cancer.

13 11 20 is a confidential cancer information and support line run by our experienced Cancer Nurses. It's available to those affected by or concerned about cancer and works to connect West Australians with relevant support, information and resources.

As a not-for-profit, non-government organisation we're reliant on community donations to continue providing this much-needed service for the WA community.

Support your family and friends by donating to Councer Council today! 



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